Atlantic Canada PMM

At I Love Savings we think eating healthy is important so to help you save money on your fruits and veggies we have the Produce, Meat & More List for Atlantic Canada.

If you are one of the lucky few that can still Price Match Canada wide you might also want to take a look at the lists for Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada.

You could use this list to Price Match at most Walmart stores and some PC Plus Stores. Please confirm with your local stores and ask a CSM first. The stars by each item indicates how good of a deal I think it is compared to a one year low of the item. For more on how you can use your PC Plus Card to help save on your Produce, Meat & More click HERE. Also watch your weekly Cash Back Programs for other possible rebates.

**** Buy if you need   ***** Good deal   ****** Great price and stock up to freeze    ******* Go crazy lowest price.

July 20-26

This weeks cash back offers are:

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Olymel smoked pork shoulder picnic .99¢ lb (2.18kg) ******

Fresh haddock fillets 5.99 lb (13.18kg) *****


Outside round steak or roast 2.97 lb (6.53kg) ******  

Cherries .97¢ lb (2.13kg)  WOW!!
Iceberg lettuce .77¢ each *******

Romaine lettuce .77¢ each *****

Cauliflower 1.77 each ***** cauliflower

Giant Tiger

Sweet peppers (pack of 4) 2/$5 *****


Seedless red grapes 1.29 lb (2.84kg) ******

Mini cucumbers (pack of 6) .99¢ each ******
Vine tomatoes .99¢ lb (2.18kg) *****


Driscoll’s Raspberries 2/$5 *****

Extra lean ground beef  family pack 3.99 lb (8.78kg) *****

Boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs 3.99 lb (8.78kg) *****  

Beefsteak tomatoes .99¢ lb (2.18kg) *****

Marché Tradition

Cherries 2.49 lb (5.48kg) *****

Cauliflower 2/$4 ***** cauliflower

Chicken leg 1.49 lb (3.28kg) *****

Romaine hearts (pack of 3) 2/$3.50 ******

No Frills

Cherries 2.47 lb (5.43kg) *****

Whole chicken 1.97 lb (4.34kg) *****

Broccoli 1.47 each ***** broccoli

Romaine lettuce .97¢ each ****

Leaf lettuce .97¢ each ****


Fresh haddock fillets 5.99 lb (13.18kg) *****

Pork back ribs  family pack 3.49 lb (7.68kg) ****

Pork tenderloin family pack 3.49 lb (7.68kg) ****

Olymel smoked pork shoulder picnic .99¢ lb (2.18kg) ******

Victory Meat Market

Cauliflower .99¢ each WOW!!! cauliflower

Lean ground beef 2.99 lb (6.58kg) ****** index

Boneless blade roast or steak 3.99 lb (8.78kg) *****  


Seedless red grapes 1.47 lb (3.24kg) *****


      broccoli                                                       index                 eggs